The Ultimate in Roof Coating Technology

WITH OVER 20 years’ experience of bringing quality roofing products into the market, Cromar’s latest new product HYDROSIL is no exception.

Hydrosil is the ultimate high performance premium roof coating – silicone based it has been specifically formulated to deliver outstanding direct bond adhesion over most common roof substrates and membranes. With superior coverage Hydrosil covers over one and a half times that of a standard PU coating giving great money saving benefits.

Fast curing roof coating

This fast curing 100% silicone roof coating has been developed to form a durable, vapor permeable, watertight and weatherproof barrier that provides long term resistance to degradation from natural weathering (including extreme temperatures, UV, rain and snow – handy for the UK weather). Not only that, but it is easy to apply, whether by brush, roller or spray, and is shower resistant within 60-120 minutes and suitable for foot traffic after 24 hours.

The list of benefits seems to be endless: Hydrosil also has excellent UV resistance, drying to a grey finish which keeps roof surfaces cooler preventing thermal shock and extending the life of the roof. Cromar has spent a great deal of time developing this product to ensure Hydrosil will become a firm favourite with the trade.

Hydrosil Silicone Roof Coating is being launched as part of a system with complementary products including Hydrosil Seam Sealer & Detailer and Hydrosil Heavy Duty Reinforcement Roll. When used together, these products provide a base on which to apply the Hydrosil Silicone Coating, although the coating can be used alone. All together they provide a superior quality coating that Cromar is so confident in, the product comes with a 10 year warranty.

For more information on Hydrosil or to book a demonstration day contact your local Cromar Sales Representative or contact Cromar on 01977 663 133 or visit Cromar’s website.



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