Top Eco-friendly Building Materials for 2020 Revealed

PROFESSIONALS working in construction and property have revealed their predictions for the most-likely eco-friendly building materials to be used in 2020.

Bamboo topped the list with 74 per cent of respondents predicting it to be the most-used, followed by straw bales to be used for insulation on 69 per cent.

Timbercrete was named by 61 per cent of survey respondents as one of a number of new concrete products, followed by recycled plastics on 56 per cent and then steel dust and concrete product Ferrock on 44 per cent.

Hempcrete was named by 44 per cent of respondents, while cork registered at 38 per cent of respondents, predicted to be least-used.

Eco-friendly materials on the rise

Robby du Toit, managing director of Sell House Fast, which carried out the research, said, “The property industry is more eco-conscious than ever before. This has led to a surge in the innovation and development of eco-friendly building materials.

“As professionals become better acquainted with the properties and benefits of different eco-friendly building materials, their adoption rate in construction projects can expect to see a positive increase.

“This research certainly highlights the eco-friendly building materials that will have a big impact in 2020”.



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