Top Two Take Term Awards at LCB Roofing Division

L-R: Dave Mallory , LCB Tutor - Leon Fletcher, Avonside Wigan Residential Roofing Apprentice, Yr 1 Student ( Redland Award Winner ) - Mike Corless , Avonside Wigan Residential Roofing Branch Manager - Jacob Brain , LCB year 2 student ( Avonside Group Award Winner ) - Chris Messenger, LCB Tutor - Alastair Blant , Redland Training Manager.

Two Leeds College of Building (LCB) roofing apprentices have been recognised and rewarded for their outstanding efforts this term, in a presentation by roofing contractor Avonside Group, alongside roof tile manufacturer, Redland.

The Term Award presentation took place on Thursday 15th March 2018 at the College’s Hunslet campus roofing division.

The Term Award is given to a roofing apprentice student who has made the most progress that academic term, and who has shown dedication to their own development.

Year one student, Leon Fletcher from Avonside’s Wigan Residential Roofing Office received a Term Award, which was presented by sponsor, Redland’s Training Manager, Alastair Blant, who also gave Leon a bag of Redland goodies.

Sarah Burke, Group Health and Safety Training Coordinator at Avonside said “We are pleased to see Leon being recognised, as he was a nominee for the Avonside Apprentice of the Year Award last year. He is dedicated to his own development, and is keen to learn new skills as quickly as he can.”

Year two student, Jacob Brain who is a roofing apprentice at Wakefield and District Housing Ltd was presented with his Term Award by Avonside Group’s Sarah Burke, receiving a certificate and a voucher for Screwfix.

Avonside Group has maintained a supportive relationship with LCB over the last few years, donating PPE to the college for the new intake of students in September of each year.

Sarah added, “We like to see that the next generation of roofer is being encouraged, and recognised for their skill and effort.

“I believe that it is important for the students to see people from the industry, including manufacturers and employers, coming into the college so that they are aware of what opportunities for career development are open to them in the wider industry.”

Redland Apprentice of the Year Competition
Redland also offers the College a systematic program of support, donating materials, conducting additional training of students in industry skills and a series of awards and competitions to help promote and incentivise high standards in the industry.

Apart from supporting their NVQ level 2 training, both Sarah and Alistair spoke to the roofing apprentices about wider industry skills such as estimating and contract management. Alastair also talked to students about how they could enter the upcoming Redland Apprentice of the Year 2018 competition – meeting with a very enthusiastic response as he explained that they could potentially win the two-day competition’s £1000.00 prize! The deadline for entries is 4th May 2018.



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