Transforming Unusable, Ugly, Wasted Flat Roof Space into Beautiful Multi-Use Areas

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BROADENING OPTIONS for roof transformations, EverRoof® is a tried-and-tested classified artificial green roof system from the Evergreens UK Group. And that’s ‘tried and tested’ officially as well as within a growing portfolio of roof gardens and podium landscapes across the UK.

Ideal for otherwise redundant roof areas, the softness of the award-winning Wonder Yarn synthetic turf helps create attractive, safe spaces for recreation and relaxation in residential, retail and commercial roofzones.

Artificial green roof system build up - flat roof transformations

Pioneering Roofzones

The EverRoof® EVR 3-part system is unique, not only in its finish, density and drainage, but in its classified fire-tested and wind-tested system. The proven system combines best practice and product development gained from the artificial grass pioneers’ 35 years in artificial grass supply.

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Roof Transformations

One of the finishing flourishes of this impressive rooftop landscaping scheme in Hammersmith is a soft play area for resident families in one of the courtyard gardens.

Artificial green roof

Secured and Protected

The EverRoof® artificial green roof systems have been assessed for wind uplift resistance and can resist wind speeds of at least 100mph, without lifting or showing any signs of damage or distress.

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EverRoof® Benefits

  • Low Maintenance
  • Provides Water Attenuation
  • Additional insulation Layer
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Fire & Wind Classified
  • Suitable for Traffic Areas
  • Thermal Resistance

Roof Transformations – Get in Touch

Get in touch today to transform your roof spaces with EverRoof® – the green grass roofing option that is really on the up!

For further information and advice on EverRoof® artificial green roof systems, please call us on 01572 766912 or email Visit the EverRoof® website for our full product and project portfolio.



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