Travis Perkins Announces Carbon Target Ambitions

Travis Perkins branch - Carbon Target

MERCHANT Travis Perkins plc is committing to a new carbon target by 2035 that’s aligned with the 1.50C degree pathway of the 2016 Paris Agreement to limit global warming.

The target primarily applies to the decarbonisation of the Group’s fleet which will need to reduce its carbon emissions by 80%. Any remaining carbon will be offset as part of the company’s net zero commitment by 2035.

There is also a 63% carbon reduction target for the Group’s supply chain emissions by 2035, primarily applying to the purchase of goods and services. It includes concrete products, bricks and plasterboard in particular, and the in-use emissions of goods sold; especially gas heating and power tools.

Travis Perkins Carbon Targets

Today’s announcement builds on the progress Travis Perkins has made to date by reducing its fleet carbon intensity (per £million sales) by 45% since 2013.

“Climate change concerns us all, and we are committed to leading on this agenda and to meeting the growing expectations from our colleagues, customers, shareholders and the public to play our part by setting challenging, but achievable targets,” explained CEO for Travis Perkins plc, Nick Roberts.

“The decarbonisation of our business is part of our Building for Better framework, and one of the key areas we are focusing on to build resilience in the business. Beyond our own business, we are also in a unique position to influence our supply chain and the wider UK construction industry. So we are looking forward to working with our suppliers and customers to reduce our own carbon footprint while driving better behaviours across the industry more widely,” Nick continued.

Travis Perkins will publish a carbon reduction roadmap with key milestone targets later this year.

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