‘Twas the Tuesday before Christmas in Redland’s NTC

Although 2017 had already been an incredibly successful year for Redland’s BMI National Training Centre, the pressure did not let up right until the last minute, with Christmas week bringing the launch of the first Roofing Tutor day.

Bringing together many of the college tutors that Redland support with training materials from across the country, alongside industry representatives from CITB and NFRC, discussions on the day focused on best educational practice and standards for their learners.

All in, Mat and Alastair of the BMI National Training Centre hosted a dozen representatives from key colleges that Redland support, along with Simon Dixon of the NFRC who gave a talk in the afternoon with an update on the NFRC’s role in the pitched roofing sector, recapping 2017 and explaining its plans for 2018.

Some of the most interesting news was the government’s plans to develop a new Technical, or ‘T’ Level, to encourage school leavers to enter the construction industry.

This marks yet further support for the roofing industry by the BMI Group, adding to the existing Redland and Icopal Apprentice of the Year Award and the company’s on-going student support network helping to invigorate and bolster education and training in the pitched roofing sector, with further plans to extend this support in to the flat roofing sector in 2018.

It was decided to meet every six months, with the next meeting due at the Apprentice of the Year competition to be held at the National Training Centre in June 2018.



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