Two Day Delivery for Aluminium Roof Balcony and Parapet Outlets

MARLEY ALUTEC, the UK’s leading aluminium rainwater system manufacturer, is now offering its aluminium rainwater outlets with an impressive two-day delivery time. This includes the Elite range, an innovative multi-purpose flat roof and balcony drainage system compatible with all waterproofing membranes and roof build-ups.

Simple and fast to install, the Elite outlets have been engineered to deliver an unrivalled flow performance of up to 19l/s. Thereby reducing a project’s rainwater pipe and underground drainage requirements to achieve significant cost savings.

Watertight seal

The unique membrane compression clamp design combined with high-performance butyl sealing rings, securely locks the waterproof membrane to the outlet body. This ensures a durable watertight seal.

The Elite outlets connect to all common PVCu, High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) and socketless cast iron pipework sizes. While all balcony outlets connect to aluminium (76mmØ and 72x72mm), PVCu (82mmØ and 11mmØ) and socketless cast iron (70mmØ and 100mmØ) pipework. PVCu pipe connectors provide an air tight seal and thermal break between the outlet body and connecting pipework. This prevents cold bridging.

Rigorously tested to ensure the ultimate in reliability, the Elite outlets have also been tested to a rainwater design depth of 1m. This is far above the typical requirement of 35mm.

The outlets are manufactured from high-quality marine-grade aluminium, which offers an extensive life expectancy of at least 50 years. Well known for its durable characteristics, aluminium will never corrode or degrade.

Roof drainage tool

Marley Alutec also offers an online flat roof drainage tool. This can be used to calculate the number of outlets required based on location and specification. This ensures full compliance with the rainwater draining design standard BS EN12056-3. As a result, users are provided with a full set of drainage calculations to confirm suitability of the product. As well as links to detailed product specific information.

Kevin Stanley, Marley Alutec’s Head of Operations, said: “While a simple and smooth delivery is always desired, in the current climate we understand that there is an increased need to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. The outlets are the latest products to be added to our two-day delivery service. This is also available on a number of our most popular rainwater systems.”

For more information on Marley Alutec’s outlet range, please visit the website here.



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