UK Roofing Director Elected as President of International Roofing Federation

Graeme Millar IFD President 2019

GRAEME MILLAR has been elected as the President of the International Federation of Roofing Trades (IFD).

Elected unanimously by the IFD board, Graeme Millar will now take over the 3-year term presidency from Walter Bisig. He is only the third British presidency holder in the organisation’s history.

Graeme Millar has previously served as the IFD board member responsible for technical – heading up five separate commissions of metal roofing, pitched roofing, flat roofing, facades and health, safety and wellbeing.

World Roofing Congress

Taking over the presidency at the 67th World Roofing Congress in Edinburgh, hosted by UK member, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) last week, Graeme commented:

“I’m very pleased and honoured to become the IFD President and look forward to helping make the world a better place for roofers.

“I want to increase networking with the UK to help improve roofing and, through the NFRC, promote best practice as well as the percentage of people who possess a qualification. I want to bring together the IFD and NFRC and grow the positive feeling between the two organisations.

“We also need to take note of climate change. As an industry, we are now at a stage where we cannot ignore it, as the number of presentations from IFD members at the Congress this week has shown.

“Roof designs need to be more robust. We need to ensure that those who are accredited are aware of what weather can do to a building through storms and flooding, while ensuring that heritage roofs are not disregarded from that.

“I will also be focusing on health and safety, wellbeing and mental health, and IFD will be setting up a new commission on that topic, headed by Jurg Studer from Switzerland.

“I also want to strengthen ties with Northern Europe, the USA and Canada, as well as foster greater involvement from the Eastern European members. I want to help them benefit more from their membership and improve best practice in their countries as their national industries develop.”

Charm and Vision

Outgoing President Walter Bisig (centre) thanks Graeme and Norma Millar for their work organising the Congress before handing over the presidency.

Outgoing President, Walter Bisig, who represents Switzerland, said, “Graeme is the right person to step into my shoes. He inherits an internal IFD structure that is ready to grow the organisation. With his charm and vision, he is the right person to take the IFD forward.”

Graeme has had a long and successful career in UK roofing. Coming up through the family firm, he is now a director of Bain & Irvine Ltd in Peebles, Scotland. He is also an ex-President of the NFRC.

James Talman, CEO of the NFRC said, “The NFRC is proud and delighted that Graeme Millar has been appointed President of the IFD, particularly at this time when the world is faced with the major problem of climate change. As a group of nations, we all need to consider the contribution our roofing industry can provide to tackling the impact of this very serious challenge to our future.”



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