UKGBC Launches Industry Task Group on Net Zero Carbon Buildings

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new task group which will develop an industry-led definition for net zero carbon buildings. The task group will bring together 30 experts from across the building value chain and is being supported by 11 industry bodies.

The new UK task group will examine what net zero carbon will mean for new buildings, and how they operate in-use. The aim is to build an industry consensus on a definition of net zero carbon buildings, which can then be used to inform project designs, reporting initiatives, planning requirements and building regulations. An industry consultation on the task group proposals will be opened in February, with the final output published in spring 2019.

The task group is being facilitated by UKGBC as part of its Advancing Net Zero programme which is aiming to drive the transition to a net zero carbon built environment. The programme is supported by the Redevco Foundation and BAM Construct UK, Berkeley Group, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland and Hoare Lea.

Richard Twinn, Senior Policy Advisor at UKGBC, who will be leading the task group said: “The construction and property industry is ready to make its contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement and start delivering net zero carbon buildings. But there is still a lack of clarity about what a net zero carbon building means in practice.

“This initiative is aiming to move beyond discussions about specific tools and policies, towards buildings that work as intended and achieve genuine net zero carbon. We are seeking to create an agreed industry-led definition for net zero carbon buildings in the UK, to ensure we are all working towards the same outcomes.”



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