Unique Lifetime Warranty for Zinc Roofing & Cladding

OFFERING EXTRA peace of mind to customers the elZinc Alkimi® range, available in the UK through SIG Zinc & Copper, is now available with a lifetime warranty.

Unique to the metal roofing and cladding market the guarantee is the first of its kind and currently the only zinc warranty available that covers your product for life.

elZinc roofing products are fabricated using titanium zinc alloy and rolled in accordance with EN988 and the company’s own quality standards.

The company has also invested heavily in cutting edge technology for the manufacture of their products meeting rigorous quality protocols to produce a zinc with exceptional quality for any project.

Lifetime warranty

Meeting these high standards has enabled elZinc to have absolute confidence in their products and offer a guarantee that is unique in the sector.

The guarantee covers the ‘service life’ of the product and will protect against flaking, blistering, peeling, cracking and chalking and that the finished will not fade to any colour that cannot be associated with naturally weathering or naturally weathered zinc.

The lifetime warranty only applies to the elZinc Alkimi® material itself and does not cover the entire system. SIG Zinc & Copper can offer a system warranty of up to 30 years depending on product selection and build-up.

elZinc Alkimi® offers a variety of very competitive finishes from natural zinc, through pre-patinated matt grey elZinc Slate®, to four additional, specially lightened and darkened pre-weathered surface treatments.

For full details on the warranty or elZinc’s range of products click here or contact SIG Zinc & Copper on 0330 123 1820.



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