Uniting the Roofing Industry to ‘Think Health’

ROOFING AND construction professionals are being urged to take part in a short survey that could shape the future of health in construction.

The Health in Construction Leadership Group, that was established to eradicate illnesses caused by exposures to health hazards on building sites, is looking at its future direction and strategy, and is welcoming feedback on its progress so far, as well as on where it ought to focus moving forwards.

The groups main goal is to make construction a leading industry for occupational health, well-being and disease prevention by 2025.

Focusing firmly on its vision, the group is calling for survey respondents to answer questions such as: What do you see as the key issues on health? What are the main obstacles preventing progress on tackling health? Is the industry making progress in its approach to health?

If you would like to take part in the survey, click here.



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