Unpaid Green Homes Grant Installers Demand Urgent Fix to Scheme

TODAY, Solar Energy UK has called on the government to urgently address failings in the Green Homes Grants scheme on behalf of its installer members.

The much-hyped £2billion scheme is reportedly failing both householders and installers which have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket, with installations going unpaid for months.

The Environmental Audit Committee reported before Christmas that the scheme was beset with access problems and a lack of contractors signing up to become installers.

The scheme has also been blighted by a confusing and inefficient administration process for the provision of grants, which is creating lengthy delays for installation business and consumers. The chaotic application process and delays are reported on in today’s Guardian newspaper.

Owed for installations

Solar Energy UK member Giles Hanford, of the Small Solar Company said that he is owed £20,000 for 4 completed jobs, and that only 10 of his 300 potential customers have been issued vouchers by administrators ICF, a US-based consultancy.

Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “I have raised the matter directly with the Energy Minister today. The government must act swiftly to prevent a disaster for installers who have engaged with the scheme in good faith but have been left out of pocket. These are already uncertain times for many small businesses, and poorly-run schemes do more harm than good.”

Residential properties account for over 15% of the UK’s emissions. Technologies such as solar thermal, battery storage and heat pumps are necessary to deliver a net zero economy by 2050.



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