Urbanisation Demands for Outdoor Space – Let the Rooftop Take the Load


BUILDING IN URBAN AREAS requires careful consideration for both the environment and the users of the space; people not only want to be closer to their work and minimise use of transport, but they also want outdoor and green space too. The solution? Take the outdoor space to the rooftop.

Using the rooftop

The range of waterproofing and insulation solutions offered by Soprema UK Limited, allows the rooftop to become a usable area.

Including an inverted roof is one option to maximise the space available. Firstly, a primer is applied to the concrete, then the waterproofing membrane (typically liquid-applied) is laid, with the insulation being laid on top and weighted down with either paving slabs or ballast.  This means that the membrane is protected by the insulation, from the constant changes in weather and limits the damage caused by traffic on the roof, such as people walking across or movement of equipment.

Structural Waterproofing System

Soprema’s Duoflex structural waterproofing system is one option for installation under green roofs, ballasted or paved areas. It is a formulation of rubberised bitumen, modified with SBS and is supplied in solid blocks ready for on-site melting. The system offers superior mechanical properties, is durable, self-healing, is 100% bonded to the structure, easy to install and is designed to last the lifetime of the structure to which it is applied ensuring low life cycle costs.

The insulation on an inverted roof is as important as the waterproofing. The EFYOS XPS insulation range has been specifically developed for the UK construction industry and is fully compatible with the Soprema roofing and waterproofing systems. Its high performance, extruded polystyrene closed cell system offers outstanding energy efficiency, has a high moisture resistance, is 100% recyclable and provides exceptional compressive strength where additional load bearing capability is required.

The Soprema Duoflex system coupled with the A+ rated EFYOS XPS insulation,  a 40 year waterproofing warranty and the Sopracover single point of warranty profile for all components from the primer to the paving support pads and paving tiles, enables designers to create a functional roof space for all to use and enjoy.

Soprema’s Technical team are on hand to assist with any project from design to implementation. For more information, contact Soprema on 0330 058 0668 or email info@soprema.co.uk.



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