Viridian Solar Expands Network into Norway

Viridian Solar has announced the appointment of ENCO as its exclusive distributor in Norway. The news comes shortly after the company revealed that its Clearline fusion integrated solar roofing system is the first to be certified to Scandinavian fire tests.

Staff from the UK visited ENCO at its headquarters in Tønsberg recently to deliver product training and attend the installation of the first Clearline fusion systems in Norway.

A division of the Xpert Group, ENCO is a supplier of charging solutions for electric cars, solar and other future-oriented solutions throughout Norway, with other applications ranging from summer cottages by the sea to complex commercial buildings.

Jamie Berryman, Sales Director at Viridian Solar said, “Norway has the highest penetration of electric vehicles of any country in the world and the growing demand for solar is further evidence of how well these two technologies work together.

“Houses here have large roofs and consumers seem to want large systems with aesthetic built-in solar. We have been impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of ENCO AS and look forward to working with them in Norway.”

Kim Olsen, CEO of ENCO AS said, “When we got in touch with Viridian, we immediately saw the huge opportunities we could create for the company in Norway. We think the Clearline fusion integrated solar roofing system will fit perfectly in the Norwegian market.”



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