Water Ingress from Bad Roofing

Everybody hates to find water leaking from the ceiling. Your home is a place that should make you feel protected and safe from the outdoors. The outside elements such as snow and rain can creep their way into your home, whether you like it or not. Incidents happen! It is best to take action as early as possible, especially when there is water damaging your property.

Importance of Keeping Your Roof in Good Condition


The roof serves as the most extensive form of protection. It is imperative to make sure your roof is adequately ventilated for several reasons. Proper ventilation allows the breezy air through your roofing system to keep performing and functioning as best as possible.

Furthermore, if your roof is in poor shape, your home may get leaks, leading to the development of mildew and mould, along with other problems. Even a tiny leak in your roof can cause large scale water ingress damage across various home systems.

Avoid Water Ingress

Damp is one of the primary reasons that cause roof damage leading to premature replacement. Regardless of its form, water causes wood decay and causes corrosion. Though its destructive power doesn’t always have an immediate effect, it renders water seepage into the house’s interior, leading to dampness.

Most importantly, when you live in an environment where you receive heavy rainfall, good roofing is essential. If your roof is in bad condition, then the water or moisture can penetrate your roof and seep into the house. Therefore, proper ventilation and a good roof is required to avoid water ingress.

Old buildings are especially at risk due to their ancient walls, old roofing system, and windows, along with excess rain exposure. Broken walls, wall cavities, roof leaks and others need to be immediately inspected and need to take quick action. Bad roofing leads to water ingress. Broken tiles and slates must be catered to immediately. When you have bad roofing, faulty gutters, leaking pipes, defective plumbing, and others lead to water ingress through the roof.

Curb Home Appeal

A roof in good condition enhances the curb appeal of your home, which is a significant factor in home value. If your ceiling contains sags, algae, and mosses along with other decrepit, it’s a sign that the home hasn’t been maintained.

If the roof is in good shape, a potential buyer can assume the rest of the house is taken care of and maintained properly. Therefore, it can lead to higher prices when you sell your home.

Effects of a Bad Roof


Neglecting your roof can result in a leak, and once it starts, it gets worse. Even small cracks in the roof that are noticed and are ignored can lead to a leaking roof. Leaks expand with time allowing more water to seep through. So, act promptly the moment you find them.

Increased Energy Bills

The same holes that prevent the roof leaks also let the hot air out in the winter and cold air out in the summer. Repair the gaps or spaces, and else you could be paying more for your energy bills.


Wet roof layers, wet insulation, and clogged gutters can cause mould growth that can be dangerous and cause dampness on the ceiling of your home. It is an expensive problem, and it takes time to get rid of it. Clean your gutters and regularly check them to prevent mould from developing.

Severe Water Damage

The leaks, when they get enlarged and have been dripping water on your house floor, can cause severe water damage. In addition, it causes the mould to grow, sagging the ceiling from additional weight, and affects the health of the inhabitants living in such conditions.

High Repair Cost

When you keep ignoring such issues, they keep on adding and get bigger in intensity, resulting in expensive repairs. Regularly check your roof, and every time you find any problem take immediate action to fix it. The cost of ignoring them and fixing them at a later date is relatively high. The more you prolong, the more is going to be the cost.

To Wrap Up

It is incredibly crucial to look out for bad roofing or any indicators of damage that require repair. Water ingress is a huge issue that the homeowners face with bad roofing leading to penetrating water through the roof into the interior of their house. If this occurs, call a damp specialist to check the source of moisture and recommend options for its treatment.