Welsh Slate Seeks to Extend Quarry Operations

Welsh Slate areal shot

TO HELP MEET the ongoing demand for its natural slate construction, architectural and hard landscaping products, Welsh Slate has applied to extend its largest quarry.

The company, part of the Breedon Group, is asking Gwynedd Council for a 2.3-hectare extension to its 318-hectare Penrhyn Quarry site in Bethesda near Bangor. This is where its popular roofing slates and architectural products such as cladding, flooring, paving, walling and hard landscaping products are produced.

Although the application site is 2.3 hectares, only 1.6 hectares would be quarried. This would, however, increase the amount of slate permitted to be quarried by 250,000 tonnes or 3.6 million tonnes overall. It would also increase the life of Penrhyn Quarry by 12 years, from the end of 2023 to the end of 2035.

Amendments to the original planning application, following a period of public consultation, include halving the area of the proposed extension (from 4.3 hectares). As well as reassessing the need to dispose of slate waste as the site will generate less waste. This means that the reduced amount of waste can be accommodated within the existing quarry void without impacting on views beyond the quarry.

Secure Jobs

Welsh Slate’s plans for Penrhyn will help secure the jobs of more than 100 people.

The company will also be applying to extend operations by four to five years at its site in Blaenau Ffestiniog. This company produces minerals for manufacturers of such products as roofing felt. The extension would secure the jobs of eight people.

The revised working and restoration schemes for Penrhyn can be viewed here.

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