What Are the Rules for Tradespeople Under Plan B Restrictions?

Tradesperson with face covering - What are the Rules

WHAT ARE THE rules for tradespeople as England operates under the Plan B restrictions to slow the spread of the new coronavirus Omicron variant which causes COVID 19?

Once you have been vaccinated and received your booster jab, what else can you do?

You might need to rethink any projects you have booked in – especially if work is due to start soon. Follow the rules to protect yourself and your customer to ensure you carry out your work safely and legally. There’s guidance for businesses here with more updates due.

Can I Enter the Customer’s Home?

Yes. It has been confirmed that tradespeople can continue to enter other people’s homes to carry out work, including repairs, maintenance and other improvements. However, you must be sure to follow government safety advice to keep you and your customer safe while carrying out work.

This includes wearing a face covering. From 10th December, face coverings are required by law in most indoor settings. It is recommended that the customer also wears a face covering when people who don’t live in their home enter it.

You might want to contact customers by email or telephone before you arrive to start any work. Warn them of any element of the work that might mean you have to enter the home.

How Can I Help My Customers and My Team Stay Safe?

  • Do a lateral flow test. Ask any others in your team to do a test too. Request that your customer to do a lateral flow test if you are going to enter their home on that day.
  • Ask customers to let you know if they or another member of their household develops any coronavirus symptoms at any time, both during and after the job’s done.
  • Before arriving at your customer’s home talk to them by telephone about how the work can be done safely. Talk about social distancing and hygiene measures in mind, such as regular hand washing.
  • Ask the customer to open windows and doors in the area you are working in. This will help fresh air to circulate. Also ask them to leave doors ajar inside so that you don’t need to touch door handles.
  • Advise that they should clean and disinfect any handrails or other surfaces that you might have touched.

There’s more information on what you need to do to stay safe here.