Why Midland Lead is Expert in Export

ARCHITECTS, SPECIFIERS, BUILDING contractors and charitable aid organisations worldwide have been turning to Midland Lead for years now, drawing on its in-depth knowledge of product and export expertise.  

Midland Lead is the only UK manufacturer that provides machine-cast, rolled and sandcast lead. The company has been supplying the construction, heritage and radiation protection sectors for more than 30 years. In that time, it has experienced many changes, and challenges, in export and customs, from shipping and carriage restrictions to packaging and labelling.

Lead export logistics

Dave Wooley, Midland Lead’s Expert in Export

Dave Wooley, Midland Lead’s business development manager for export, is proud of the team’s positive global reputation: “Exporting overseas can present a number of challenges, but with our extensive knowledge of working with customers in many different countries, our customers rely on us to advise and manage the fine detail of logistics and customs procedures.

“To ensure we provide the right lead product and the best service, we are flexible with our time and have an eye for detail when it comes to specification, packaging and labelling. Understanding the different restrictions in different countries can make all the difference to ensuring that we deliver our products safely, securely and on time.

Supplying lead overseas

“Not only do we work with overseas customers, our international trading experience also extends to our UK-based clients. Recently, we received a call from a customer based in the UK who was looking for advice on how to supply to one of their customers in the Middle East – we took them through the process step-by-step and advised along the way. That customer was then able to secure a larger contract in Saudi Arabia.”

Dave Woolley goes on to explain: “We understand international trade and its requirements, and it doesn’t just stop at the products we supply. Overseas customers also want to know that we are committed to building relationships with them. This is why we have been on a number of trade visits over the years, which have included meeting existing customers and attending international shows and events. We have also worked closely with trade organisations, such as the UKTI (Trade & Investment) as we approach new markets.”

Lead Case Studies

Read some of Midland Lead’s case studies about how the company has helped international customers over the years.

Belmont Park Mansion House, Australia
Midland Lead worked with established building contractor, Architectural Leadwork based in Sydney, supplying 14 tonnes of lead for restoration of a historic building. The company installed lead sheet batton roll design with multi-lay felt. All the lead was expertly installed, bossed and shaped using traditional lead skills and finished with patination oil.

Hope Dental Centre, Mwanza, Tanzania
This charity organisation in Africa called upon Midland Lead’s expertise to supply lead-lined boards for use in a newly built dental practice. Ian Stephens, project manager thanked Midland Lead for the ongoing technical advice and support provided as part of the project: “The local builders had no experience of working with lead and we were surprised to find how easy it was. All boards were cut and hung in a few hours, and we now receive visits from Regional Health Authorities keen to learn from our best practice.”

Sidra Medical & Research Centre, Qatar
1740 sqm of lead-lined boards were used in one of the world’s most advanced hospitals that is dedicated to the care of women and children. Arun Paul, project manager at healthcare contractors, Woodmans Meditech LLC commented: “Clients work with us because we deliver outstanding service and greater value.  We need our suppliers to mirror our philosophy, which is why we decided to work with Britishbased Midland Lead. Their expertise in lead manufacture gained from over 30 years in the business and their excellent customer service gave us the quality assurance we were looking for.”

Healthcare project in Liberia for new facilities
Twelve hospital sites in different regions of Liberia were identified as a priority to modernise healthcare provisions for patients and staff. Midland Lead was asked to advise due to its unparalleled experience in radiation protection for healthcare. In addition to the supply of material to this international aid organisation, Midland Lead played a vital role in providing the knowledge to learn new skills and install the material locally.



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