Why Reminding Your Customers Summer Chimney Inspections are Important

WHEN THE CLOCKS go forward and temperatures rise, it’s time to remind your customers to get their chimney serviced.

What many people don’t realise is that summer is probably the best time to sort a chimney out for a variety of reasons.

Here, Roofgiant takes you through some of the smartest reasons why your customers should be maintaining their chimneys as the weather improves.

Chimney maintenance

As outdoor conditions improve in spring and into summer, it may seem customers are paying for their chimney to be cleaned without reaping any of the benefits. However, adding ‘chimney maintenance’ to the home summer maintenance checklist makes a lot of sense.

Typically, everyone will tend to think about chimney inspections right before they need to use their fireplace, making those early autumn weeks and months a busy time for chimney inspections – so it makes sense to encourage customers to get in early.

By organising an appointment as early as possible you may be able to avoid peaks, ironing out work gluts, and fill in any quiet days with a chimney check up.

Chimney inspections

The spring and summer months make for the perfect chimney inspection conditions – the weather is usually calm, storm risks are low, and most importantly of all, it’s light.

The advent of British Summer Time and the sunnier skies can also mean the chimney is under threat from nesting birds. It might not be a problem when the fire is not being lit, and the birds will be long gone from the nest by autumn, but debris left in the pot or cowl is a chimney fire hazard. Fitting a bird guard or cowl cage will prevent nesting birds from taking up residence and will give your customer peace of mind.

Another problem to guard against in the summer, is the falling leaves of autumn from any overhanging trees. Falling leaves blown into the chimney represent the same chimney fire hazard as bird nests.

Roofgiant recommends taking a look at its Cowls & Leaf Guards section and purchasing a high-quality product such as the CMS Chimney Guard to keep the chimney terminal protected.

Identify chimney problems early

Getting a chimney inspection well ahead of when fires will be lit again means that you can sort any dangerous or expensive repairs that are essential well before the fire needs to be used again.

If the chimney needs pointing, flaunching needs replacing, flashing needs waterproofing, there’s damage to the flue lining so that it no longer meets safety standards or even carbon monoxide concerns, it’s far better to have these problems identified well in advance. Repairs can be carried out in plenty of time and your customer can plan for any financial implications within a reasonable time frame.

Fireplace odours

Summer is the time that customers tend to notice all those ‘locked-in’ smells from using the fireplace during winter. These odours tend to be released as the temperatures rise and humidity increases in the summer.

Typically, these are caused by creosote deposits, which can be avoided by burning only well-seasoned wood with a moisture content below 20%.

However, they can also indicate that chimney masonry may be deteriorating and this should be inspected carefully for cracks and crumbling mortar. It may be that for failing masonry chimneys, it’s time to install a flue liner.

Regular roof maintenance

So, look after your customers by reminding them of the regular maintenance needed every year.

Customers are impressed by a professional courteous phone call reminding them it’s time to do these regular, necessary jobs which will keep their roof in tip top condition and save them money in the long run.

To help look after your customers, head over to Roofgiant and check out the complete Chimney Protection range, designed to enhance and improve the longevity of your customer’s roof.

If you need any help, contact the Roofgiant Customer Service Team via email: mailto:sales@roofgiant.com or telephone: 01858 455055 and they will assist you with any questions and queries you may have.



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