Why You Should Choose a Wet-on-Wet System

WHEN LOOKING FOR a product to protect roofs with weathered, worn or damaged substrates, it is important to choose a coating that can be applied as a wet-on-wet system.

Wet-on-wet systems save time as there’s no wait time between the first application of resin drying and the final layer being installed.

They are also cost-effective as they can be applied in a single operation meaning labour costs for your roofing project are dramatically reduced.

Tor Coatings is proud to offer Elastaseal Z, a leading wet-on-wet product available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year systems. It uses innovative technology to deliver results in just two coats and provide a seamless, waterproof and heat-resistant finish.

This solution offers a safer, more user-friendly experience for sites where fumes can be hazardous. Such sites include schools, pharmaceutical and food/beverage manufacturing sites, hospitals, commercial offices and retail units.

Quick and simple application

During the quick and simple application process, a coating is applied directly onto the roof and the reinforcement matting is embedded. The system is then topped up with more coating.

When applied as a wet-on-wet system, application issues and roof failures associated with multiple coatings and uneven layer thickness are also eliminated. This delivers a lower risk installation.

Find out more about the benefits of Elastseal Z or view all Tor Coatings products.

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