Why you should Encourage your Customers to have a Conservatory Installed this Summer

Grant Findley of Findley Roofing & Building

Grant Findley of Findley Roofing & Building explores why installing a conservatory during summer is not such an unusual idea…

YES, this may seem like an unusual idea to them at first. After all, don’t conservatories tend to simply absorb heat, making life inside stifling and uncomfortable? Perhaps with some older designs – and certainly when it comes to those conservatories made from cheap materials and knocked together incredibly quickly.

As I’m sure we all know by now, the design and build of conservatories have changed overtime to make them year-round living spaces for all the family.

Classic style, contemporary design
One of the reasons why many people haven’t realised that conservatories have significantly changed over the last couple of decades is their appearance. The bold, white lines, uPVC lines and small windows have been a staple of UK homes since the 1970s. During this decade, thousands of conservatories up and down the land were built – including many from aluminium. Does this ring any bells?

If your customer still has one of these quintessentially classic conservatories, then it may be time for them to upgrade (although, of course, an aluminium conservatory will need replacing entirely). Anyway, the link between extreme heat and conservatories had nothing to do with the frame; that heat was instead attributable to the panes of glass that kept the conservatories watertight.

Now, where it gets interesting is that the glass itself hasn’t changed that much, either. Of course, you can build a conservatory with a wider range of modern panes, but it is actually something you can’t see that makes the difference in modern conservatories.

With an invisible or sometimes tinted film added to each frame, conservatory windows no longer soak up extreme heat or cold, leaving the space inside more comfortable during summer and manageable during winter.

More options for every homeowner
As the quality of windows have improved, so too has the variety of options available to every homeowner who wishes to have a conservatory installed. Warm roofs are an alternative option, which often can be matched with the existing roof of the property. Livinroofs also look great, while other options include a lantern roof, orangery conservatories and stylish verandas and pergolas.

If your customer already has a conservatory installed on their property and has experienced extreme temperature fluctuations inside, then your first step should be to check what sort of coating, if any, is applied to their windows.

Findley Roofing & Building offer a wide range of roof repairs in Newcastle and across the North East – conservatories included. For homeowners yet to experience a conservatory for themselves (at least not their own, anyway!), we encourage them to take some time to consider what sort of new living space they’d like most. Whether they’re interested in extending a room or the kitchen, looking for a family play area or study, or simply wish to have somewhere to kick back and watch the world go by – there are plenty of style options to choose from.



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