Xtralite Sales Director Elected as Chair of NARM

Jim Lowther

JIM LOWTHER, sales director at Xtralite, is embarking on the next stage of his career as the Chair of NARM (National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers), a trade association acting as the voice of the rooflight industry.

Jim has replaced Tom Ogilvie who has now assumed the role of Vice Chair.

“I’m delighted to take on this challenge at NARM and look forward to working with colleagues across the industry and beyond,” said Jim. “As an active member of the Council for many years and former Vice-Chairman, I’m closely involved with the Association’s ongoing work and I look forward to playing an increased role in NARM’s mission to support excellence and innovation in the provision of natural daylight via rooflights.”

Jim began his career in the sector in 1981 and has been a member of NARM since its inception. He is keen to continue the good work that it has achieved in the rooflight industry, the way it integrates into the construction industry as a whole and to encourage new members to help drive the association forward.

Jim added, “NARM has had a major influence in the formation of Building Regulations, particularly Part L. Members of the Technical Team have worked tirelessly with the ACR (Advisory Committee for Roofworks) to improve roof safety and changes to regulations. We will look to be involved with any, and all aspects that effect the fire performance of our products and smoke ventilation through rooflights (SHEV’s). As daylighting continues to play a significant part in architecture and building design NARM can continue to encourage best practice, push the boundaries of design and ensure that natural light and its benefits are utilised in buildings wherever possible.”

Jim has held the position of vice-chair for two years and will now hold the role of Chair for the same length of time.



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