YARD Direct & Roto Windows Partner to Offer Unrivalled Roof Window Solutions

Roof Windows image from YARD Direct & Roto Windows

ONE OF THE most trusted names in the roof window industry, YARD Direct has expanded its stock to offer Roto Windows & blinds for the UK.

Both businesses have worked together harmoniously to provide high quality products to the nation, with their successes going from strength to strength.

Yard Direct & Roto Windows

Founded in 2013, YARD Direct has innovated the roof window industry with their unrivalled products, alongside their in-depth and detailed technical know-how and customer service. In just an 8-year time period, the company has pioneered the industry, and is one of the market leading suppliers for VELUX, Mardome, FAKRO, YARDLITE, alongside their most recent brand partnership, Roto Windows.

Dating back to 1935, Roto Windows are renowned for their high quality craftsmanship, alongside their innovation with technological progress in system components for the construction industry.

With Roto Windows being based in Germany, this partnership with YARD Direct, now offers a simple solution to purchasing their industry leading products within the UK.

Why Roto Windows?

Unlike no other industry brand, Roto Windows offer intelligent technological elements within their roof window products. This includes their unique Top-Third Opener Pivot technology that ensures an upgrade to any home’s interior and exterior with its individual style and functionality.

Alongside its unrivalled exterior benefits, this innovative creation helps provide certified MOE, (means of escape) increased light levels, more living space capacity, practical ventilation and energy saving capabilities.

Alongside Roto Windows’ roof window products, YARD Direct also supplies an extensive range of –

    • EDL standard single slate flashings
    • EDH standard single profile tile flashings
    • ZRV manual blackout blinds
    • ZRO electric external shutters
    • ZAR awning blinds
    • ZEL wireless remote control switches

“We are very excited about this direct partnership with Roto”, says Ken McLelland, Owner of YARD Direct. “The interest we have already generated is significant and gives us confidence YARD will be able to grow Roto’s presence in the UK.”

Find out more information and browse the range.


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