YBS Women in Construction

AS AN EQUAL opportunity employer, insulation manufacturer YBS is pleased to report that a number of the female staff working at its Creswell factory have been enjoying solid career development and the business is better for it. Encouraging women to enter the industry and progress is something that YBS believe in strongly and this approach has benefited greatly to the growth of the business.

The company, which specialises in multi-foil and membrane products for a wide range of building applications, has always prided itself on creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere through its “Better Together” policy involving all its different departments.

This approach has seen women recruited for a wide number of roles from production and administration right up to senior management.  Situations currently occupied by female members of staff include National Sales Manager, Sales Office Manager, Customer Services Supervisor and the recently recruited Marketing Manager.

Amongst those who have expressed satisfaction with their progression since joining YBS are Naomi and Natasha Childerley, both of whom started as machine operators. While Naomi took on the challenge of becoming Customer Service Supervisor, her sister is now Cavity Closure Supervisor. Natasha recounts, “I enjoy what I do and feel proud to have progressed in my role.”

Managing Director Simon Sharkey says: “Equality is an important element to maintaining an efficient and happy working environment. I have no doubt we will welcome many more women into the company in a variety of roles over the coming years and as business develops.”

Nationally the careers’ website GoConstruct estimates that some 14% of the construction industry workforce is now female, while women account for a far higher 37% of new entrants from further education.

YBS intends to help ensure this open to all trend continues and although its broad portfolio includes a number of lightweight products for installation throughout the building envelope, one thing you won’t find at the Creswell plant is a glass ceiling.



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