Yorkshire Roof Training Centre Set to Open in Barnsley in December

YORKSHIRE INDEPENDENT Roof Training Group is set to offer roof training courses at the Yorkshire Roof Training Centre in Barnsley from 9 December.

The first course will be delivered by Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd in Built Up Roofing, which will be delivered over five months.

Companies taking advantage of the training can benefit from support from the CITB Skills and Training Fund to complete the course.

The Centre’s creation is the result of efforts of the training group to bring the Built Up Roofing course to Yorkshire, as previously apprentices travelled to Glasgow for training, but that centre has now closed.

The new centre is supported by Barnsley roofing companies, who are keen to have an opportunity to train locally, as well as contractors across the region.

For more information or to book a place contact Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group, Group Officer, Denise Cherry on email denise@yirtg.org.uk.