The Recruitment Problem: Don’t be the 77%

Roofing Recruitment

You speak… we listen. 

Over 77% of roofing contractors have difficulties with recruitment, according to the recent NFRC/Glenigan State of the UK Roofing Industry Survey.

And despite also reporting growing workloads and higher enquiry levels, skills shortages remain the leading challenge for roofing contractors.

Never before has the necessity for a conduit between ambitious roofing firms and high-quality candidates been so apparent.

Roofing companies will struggle to meet the demands of higher enquiry levels without the addition of specialist staff who can help to spearhead business growth and deliver a continuation, and improvement, of service quality levels.

Roofing and Cladding Recruitment

McCormack Partners is your ethical recruitment partner. Since 2016, we have been working closely with some of the industry’s major brands, developing trust and building sustainable, disruptive campaigns to tackle some of the longest standing issues cited by our clients as being barriers to industry and organisational progression.


We have spoken at schools and at universities and, this year, we launched our #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign to better address the widening skills gap which threatens to continue to adversely impact our markets.

By shining a light on some of the industry’s key personalities, our aim is to inspire school, college and university leavers to build their careers in our industry.

Employer Brands

In the meantime, companies must focus on their employer brands in order to become ‘employers of choice’ so as to attract top quality candidates to undertake important roles within their organisations.

McCormack Partners is more engrained in the industry’s candidate market than other roofing firms can ever be and our ‘finger on the pulse’ approach to recruitment means that we can help you to improve your employer brand, reframing and redeveloping your firm’s approach to staff training and important upskilling.

Specialist Recruitment Partner

Engaging with a specialist recruitment partner means you can gain quicker access to the market’s best candidates, so that you can sustain, and bolster, your levels of service, which will ultimately grow your organisation and improve your employer brand.

McCormack Partners specialises solely on the UK’s Roofing & Cladding industry, which means we are the only industry-dedicated recruitment partner.

No roofing firm should cite issues with recruitment as being a barrier to growth. Our market-mapping AI, our experienced team of recruitment professionals and our dedication to making our industry more appealing to young people mean that we are best placed to tackle your recruitment needs head-on.

Speak to us today and find out how we can help with your recruitment requirements and employer brand.

Don't be the 77%

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