Does Your Roof Need Professional Maintenance?

MAINTAINING A roof is one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can prolong its life. On average, a roof that is properly cared for can last anywhere between 15 to 30+ years. That means, the roof maintenance work you do could last your client’s entire life in their home – a great selling point for roof repairs or even re-roof work you are quoting for.

Maintaining a roof extends its lifespan, boosts kerb appeal, and can be very cost effective. By properly investing in maintenance over the years your client’s can expect an average of 63% return on their investment once they sell their home.

Inspecting the Roof
The first step to maintaining a roof is to know what to look for. Homeowners and occupiers should be advised to always get a professional to inspect their roof every year, and committing to a regular inspection plan yourself can help you notice emerging issues before they become extensive problems that will be expensive to fix.

When should a homeowner hire a professional roofer?

Advise your clients to inspect their roofs regularly for signs of damage and call you if they see problems, including:

1.    Inspect the Home’s Exterior for Damage
Cracks, leaks, and other signs of damage are a sign that a property needs to be professionally inspected. A professional will assess damage on external walls and/or on the roof.

2.    Note Plant Life on the Roof
Moss or other plants growing on a roof is a bad sign. It could mean that the tiles are becoming porous as they age and are retaining moisture, allowing plants to grow. It may indicate it’s time to consider a new roof.

3.    Note Malformed Tiles
If roof tiles are warped or bent in any way, they are not doing their job in weather proofing a home.

4.    Note Missing Tiles
Missing roof tiles is a red flag meaning the roof is no longer waterproof. Contact a professional roofer to fix it immediately.

5.    Ensure Gutters are Cleaned
Part of an annual maintenance regimen should involve cleaning out the gutters. Homeowners should not attempt to carry out this task themselves as it involves working at height. Knowing who to call is the next best thing.

6.    Check the Condition of Your Tiles
This can be difficult from the ground, so homeowners will need to bring in a roofing specialist to take a look.

7.    Check the Roofspace
The roof space or attic should be dry. If there are any signs of water damage, then the roof is likely compromised and the source of water ingress needs to be tracked down.

The Perfect Roofing Company
From inspection to fixing issues, homeowners want their roofing company to be able to handle all of their roofing related needs. A company like Eagle Roofing based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire can provide all roofing services.

A Company That Can Handle All Issues
It’s not always easy for homeowners to find a good, reliable roofing company that can handle all roofing issues. From fixing the roof, to chimney repairs, to regular maintenance, such as cleaning gutters, Huddersfield based Eagle Roofing can provide every service. They also offer free inspections so homeowners can rely on a single, reputable contractor to handle all their roofing needs from start to finish.

Choose a Company with Experience
It is also important to look at the feedback the company has received over the years, and its experience. Experts will have been in the business for decades, and they will have plenty of raving reviews from customers in their community.

Maintaining a roof is the best way to prolong its life, minimise damage, and of course boost a property’s kerb appeal. Committing to regular inspections, repairs and mainenance ultimately keeps costs low.



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