ZED Pods to Showcase Breakthrough Starter Homes at Housing Festival

ZED Pods will be exhibiting its new prefabricated housing solution at Bristol Housing Festival next month.

The company say its found a solution to the shortage of affordable housing across the UK and the lack of available city centre building spaces. Visitors to the festival can expect to see a complete ZEDPod starter home, which comes fully fitted, ready for immediate occupation.

Designed by RIBA Architect Bill Dunster, the zero-carbon ZEDPod is a prefabricated home that aims to offer instant housing solutions without the land and site issues associated with a conventional new build. Units can be assembled simply sitting on the ground or on raised steel decks, with existing parking facilities continuing to operate beneath them.

ZEDPods are mortgageable with a 10-year new build warranty and a life expectancy identical to any conventional home.

ZED Pods’ architect Bill Dunster says: “Importantly, the ZEDPod concept decouples housing provision from land prices using air rights over car parks. This enables affordable, quality city homes where land is scarce or expensive to be put up quickly, helping keyworkers to live near their work and at the same time maintaining precious parking spaces.”

Bill added: “We are working with key partners to create a development model that allows Local Authorities and others to create communities of affordable houses at almost zero capital outlay.”

Features of ZED Pods include photovoltaic roof panels, integrated battery storage and heat pumps for domestic hot water, together with insulated construction and triple glazed windows.

Each unit incorporates its own front door and private balcony area. Inside is a fully fitted kitchen and dining area and a lounging space with TV. Stairs lead to a mezzanine floor with home office desk, double bed, bathroom, wardrobe and storage space.

There are a range of Pod design options available covering single or multi-occupancy sites. Constructing the Pods is a quick and non-disruptive process as the majority of the construction happens off-site. To see how the pods are built click here.



  1. This is very interesting, I never thought that the housing problem would improve any time soon. This new technology ZEDPod will definitely be the new uber in housing, its much more affordable and apparently has built-in electrical/plumbing/lighting and even solar roofs, who would refuse that? My main concern though is if these houses take over, how will this affect the roofing industry in the long term as a whole? Will it affect it positively or negatively?


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